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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about Charlie Takes a Break.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Charlie is a representational avatar of the people of all ages, genders and cultural heritage who come along to Short Breaks and expresses both the shared experience and uniqueness of all of us.

A Short Break is a themed and focused holiday style break, usually taking place over 5 days, for people living with mental health or psychosocial disability. It enables them to take a break from their day to day lives, for some respite for themselves and their carer or families (if they have one).

Short Breaks are scheduled on a weekly basis. Most Short Breaks run from Monday to Friday about 48 weeks per year.

Short Breaks usually cater for 3 Short Breakers at a time with the support of a trained and experienced worker. The worker remains with the group and is available to Short Breakers at all times.

Short Breaks take place at venues such as holiday homes or tourist parks (Marion Holiday Park is a favourite) where a small group enjoy family style accommodation and shared living areas while having their own personal space (bedrooms). Sometimes bathrooms will be shared depending on the venue.

Activities may be going to the zoo, theatre, boat trips, museums, cinema, and cafe dining, or doing things like art, craft, opshopping, fishing, cooking, swimming, golfing and many others. 


Short Breaks are themed and focussed on people’s interests and needs. Activities can include things that you already enjoy or perhaps you would like to try something new, or something that wouldn’t usually be available to you. 


Of course, there is always relaxation time factored into any Short Break; time to slow down and ‘chill out’ as well as time to be engaged, social and busy.

Contact Charlie Takes a Break via the website (, or social media. We have our current catalogue of Short Breaks and Expression of Interest form online. 


Or just give us a call ( 7969 8755.).


Once you have decided that you would like to come along, we will meet with you so that you have a full understanding of the program and we understand your specific support needs to ensure you enjoy a great Short Break.


We will also explain and finalise contractual arrangements.

For the sake of the privacy and comfort of all Short Breakers, personal visitors are not encouraged to access the program at any time and not permitted unannounced. The only visitors who may attend would be other service providers (involved in individual support work/ activities / deliveries / etc).

There are times when you might need just a little extra support from someone familiar or someone who can provide personal care support (showering/dressing, etc) which is beyond the scope of the Worker who is supporting the group. We will work with you to explore your needs so that we can schedule any extra support you require.


Please note that the cost of additional support workers and their inclusion in any activities or meals will be at your expense.

Short Breaks are fully inclusive of transport, psychosocial support, activities (as described), food and accommodation; there are usually no ‘out of pocket’ expenses. If you wish to buy popcorn at the cinema or a souvenir at the zoo, please bring a small amount of pocket money for incidentals or any little ‘extras’.
Of course……Food is one of the joys of life! We will meet with you in advance and explore your dietary needs and preferences together. Whether you are dining out or cooking for yourself with the group, we will make sure that you have access to the food and nourishment that you enjoy.

Just yourself, clothing, toiletries, medication and anything else you need to have an enjoyable and relaxing time. You can bring small hobbies you might enjoy such as books for colouring or reading, knitting, even a laptop for internet surfing (please note that we can’t guarantee free internet access).


Please remember that you remain responsible for and will need to carry anything you bring along. While you will have your own room, it is not necessarily a lockable space. So please don’t bring valuables.

Just as you wouldn’t go on holidays if you’re sick, you wouldn’t go on a Short Break; for your sake and safety, and the safety of the rest of the group.


To cancel for any reason you would need to provide Charlie Takes a Break 7 business days’ notice of cancellation. If we were not able to backfill your position, we would need to charge you up to the full fee.


If you became ill during a program we would support you to return home or to an appropriate facility. If an ambulance was required, it would be at your expense.

While all of Charlie’s services and processes are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your Charlie Takes a Break experience, there may be times when we haven’t been able to meet your expectations.


We welcome and value your feedback in whatever form you would like to provide it, in a safe and confidential manner. This might be by email, phone call, letter, or a meeting with you. We would appreciate the opportunity to hear and understand your feedback and take it on board so that we can resolve it together.

Charlie takes a Break is dedicated to continuous quality improvement in an effort to meet your needs.

Short Breaks are for people who are ready to engage in trying some new things, spreading their wings and having some fun. It is not for people who are unwell or looking for more intensive or clinical support.


Short Breaks are not for people who may find themselves in an emergency or crisis situation. This could include escaping family violence, homelessness, etc.